Computer Repair

February 8, 2020

Desktop and Laptop Computer Repairs 24/7 Call Outs Available

We provide appointments to our customers thus making us unique from other computer repair services. From this booking of appointments, we ensure that each customer is well attended to and receive the best customer services. Furthermore, we also handle all the desktop and computer brands that our customer brings to us for repairs.
December 27, 2019

9 Reasons to Choose Hanu Computers as Your IT Provider

Finding the best computer specialist is not easy. There is a tight competition in this industry and choosing correctly might be challenging. However, if you don’t want to take any risks when it comes to repairing your IT equipment, Hanu Computers is your best choice. Here are nine reasons why you should use this company and never look back!
December 20, 2019

6 Signs You Need to Update Your Computer

We experience a daily reality such that the computer is a piece of our life. We use them for our expert lives just as our own ones. They are great tools to engage with but they can face a variety of technical issues the more we use them. Here are six signs you need to update your computer!